• “Open Street Dance” Cup 2013

    As told by Wiki: “Young people usually breakdance, and it is seen upon as cool. Many of moves come from gymnastics and kung-fu, and once or twice have support actions that are almost balletic.” OPMLink team is convinced that dancing, sports, active life and kung-fu are awesome. We decided to take a part Dance of Street cup also known as Riga City Council cup 2013.

    OPMLink has done some serious video editing and printable material corrections for this event. We wish every participant continious success in their dancing careers, and hope our efforts will continue to support future Breakdance champions.

  • Round Up For Charity

    In cooperation with SNPC “Varonis” organisation we offer to round up your bills and donate to charity!

    Organization SNPC “Varonis” is a sustainable and independent system of supporting social and charity projects and has undertaken honourable mission to find out and support highly moral actions of people wishing to help building stable and wealthy society.

    Every time you pay to OPMLink we provide you with  the option to round your purchase amount up and donate the difference to the charity. This difference may be unnoticable, but may save someones life.

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Web development

We provide exclusive web design, hosting solutions and domain registration for small busineses and big internationalcompanies. Our specialists will create unique corporate style, logo, banners and optimise your website for search engines.


Every photographer, videooperator and 3D visualisation professional within OPMlink has experience to create best products in their field. We have long term cooperation contracts with many Latvian companies for photosessions, advertising and copyrighting services.


OPMlink specialists in repair and hardware diagnostics have more than five year experience. Our company is the best choise when planning your private or corporate network development, company hardware upgrades and 24/7 IT support.

Application essays differ from the usual Lawrence assigned creating in that they are persuasive producing. That's why, a unique method of the procedure is important. Presentation really needs to be apparent, concise, and illuminating.


The off-campus systems admission committee are 4 or 5 college customers as well as the Director of Off-Campus Courses. They'll scan your essay and explore, as being a group, the appropriateness and timing in the course solution for your personal educational job. Committee associates will probably be reading through 100-150 off-campus software programs. It will be fundamental the committee plainly and swiftly see the 'how' and 'why' of the decisions.

Academic Essay

Focus: How this system often is the appropriate alternative for yourself provided your educational interests, preparations, and passions.

Goal: To convince each from the committee customers that:

  • The program within your selection and then the timing of your off-campus review are correct academically
  • You have meticulously deemed your alternative and then the effects it will have with your reports at Lawrence as well as your future
  • You contain the qualifications required for ones choice of program
  • You are experienced, prepared and independent enough to handle finding out off-campus

Goals Essay

Focus: Your objectives and predicted challenges

Goal: To persuade each and every of your committee members that:

  • You have thought of what you hope to accomplish by collaborating during this program
  • You have considered the way you will gain these goals
  • You are aware about obstacles perhaps you may face


  • Font- Occasions New Roman 12 level font is favorite. Please don’t get fancy. Differentiate on your own from the words and phrases you decide on as an alternative to the typeface.
  • Length - Carry out the prompt duration for every essay. This really is a kind of considerably less is much more instances; select the most impact around the fewest words.
  • Tone - Be entertaining but never be extremely dramatic. Recall, the committee is http://papersnetwork.net/dissertation-writing-service/phd-dissertations-and-thesis browsing a number of essays so do not set them to rest. Humor is fine, even admired if it is subtle and in the suitable context, but really do not be silly. You ought to steer clear of cliches and generalizations.
  • Content - Tell the reality. Not anything will get you outside of consideration more quickly than the usual lie or apparent exaggeration. Highlight your educational enthusiasm. If you absolutely love plants, Jap philosophy, renaissance oboe songs, or British literature which is known as a major portion of one's system of pick, categorical that keenness and give illustrations. Common personal answers that demonstrates your strengths or characteristics that can be immediately linked to the application are encouraged. Broad and/or unrelated personalized information is absolutely not.

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